100 write and learn sight word practice pages

By Courtney Major on Dec 24, This book has the potential to be an excellent book, however you only get half a book if you let your kid cut out the words on the bottom to paste in the sentence. This particular edition is in a Paperback format.

Kindergarten sight words

Breaking it down in those simple steps has really helped my son and he is well on his way of knowing all his sight words. If I had more then my children to teach I suppose it might be worth it coping all pages. I feel as though I just wasted my money.. We have only done a few pages so far but my son has enjoyed working on them and they seem to be helping to review what he learned in school. I mean, this seems like an obvious mistake, and definitely one that an editor should have caught. The only problem is its a double sided book so unless you make a copy of each page the child cuts out the letters and it ruins the lesson on the next page This is a well-made practicing book for Kindergarteners. Unless you copy the backs of every page, the word on the back is useless. Both texts have been a confidence builder for this student. This is a solid book that gets right to the skills children need to learn in short simple lessons. So on each double sided page, unless you photocopy each back side you have to choose which one to do because when you cut out the word for one page to glue on, you have cut the same section for the backside page. Watch confidence soar as children master sight wordsthe words most commonly encountered in any text.

I recommend! This would also be a great teacher resource for worksheets for students.

The jumbo book of sight word practice pages pdf

For use with Grades K I thought they would be printed differently to where you get a word to cut and paste on both sides. Frustratingly bad page layout By Liesel Phillips on Nov 19, When your child cuts the letters out, at the bottom of the worksheet, to spell the sight word, it cuts up the letters on the opposite side of the sheet Serious Design Flaw By A on Sep 20, Ugh, it is so stupid that when you cut out the letters on one page, you ruin the next page!! To take the edge off of this activities, I use this book in conjunction with Words Kids Need to read by 1st Grade which focuses on fun learning activities that engage students in the learning process. A member will not be able to earn Qantas Points on the following products; magazines, eBooks, gift cards and postage. Mascaro on May 11, I like this book as its focus is on writing activities that help students remember and build a sight word lexicon.

Also, I think that this book is a great help for someone learning English as a Second Language, at any age. Wees on Oct 29, This is a great book of worksheets!

kindergarten sight words

You kind of have to actually make it fun. Perfect workbook for the beginner By Patricia Byron on Jun 29, My 6 yr old granddaughter was so happy with this workbook. My only complaints are that these are not in color like the book cover shows although it's not a big deal and that they have to be reproduced to be used.

Then the child wrote, "please pass me the butter " at the bottom. By Mamma on Nov 11, This is a great concept, it introduces site words, by using in a sentences, has the child trace the word, then the child cuts out the word and assemble the letters properly.

Young students love the minibook format, and they can both read them in class and reread them as homework. The lessons themselves are great however unless you plan on photo copying the back

100 write-and-learn sight word practice pages pdf
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