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Many in the field, however, believe that the implementation of principles of peace education into the institutionalized educational system is a better approach, especially within the subjects encompassing the cultural heritage of the dominant society and the ethnic groups belonging to it.

New York:Continuum. Working Group on Peace Education SinceGPPAC members from all corners of the world have been working together to exchange information, skills, and strategies, on how best to engage and collaborate with key stakeholders in their education systems. Member login Peace education Our working group - comprising civil society, practitioners, academia, and ministries of education representatives - is committed to lobbying for the endorsement of peace education in national curricula.

Department of State, The Culture of Democracy, emphasis added.

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The contemporary sociopolitical environment particularly the events in eastern Europe since the early s, the fear of terrorism, and the increasing gap between developed and undeveloped countries has created new challenges for the understanding of peace and for the development of the underlying principles of responsibility and security.

Sidanius, Jim, and Pratto, Felicia. OrlandoFL: Academic Press. At the same time, "a democratic society needs the commitment of citizens who accept the inevitability of conflict as well as the necessity for tolerance" U.

Many writers make an important distinction between positive and negative peace.

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Peace education