An analysis of the principles of the social activity and the social interaction in a group of people

In a sense, one is obliged to be an individual in a manner that forces one to conform to the crowd.

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Hence, exploring the patterns of social interaction between the disabled and abled people can not only help us to understand the difficulties the disabled people encounter in social interactions but also enhance the social participation of them. Criteria for inferring causality Evidence that two variables are correlated and that the hypothesized cause preceded the hypothesized effect in time, as well as evidence eliminating rival hypotheses.

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Models[ edit ] There are four models in social group work: [2] Remedial model Vinter, R. City A relatively permanent settlement of large numbers of people who do not grow or gather their own food. Prejudice A "prejudged" unfavorable attitude toward the members of a particular group, who are assumed to possess negative traits.

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Alienation The separation or estrangement of individuals from themselves and from others. All disabled participants met the national standard for disabled people and they were mostly Grade II or Grade III of physical disability mainly as disabilities in arms of legs with the mean time of disability for Learning Objectives Review the four types of social interactions: accidental, repeated, regular, and regulated Key Takeaways Key Points A social interaction is an exchange between two or more individuals and is a building block of society. Performance Stage: Erving Goffman uses the metaphor of a stage to explain human behavior in everyday life. In what way did the conversation unfold according to your initial intention or your initial opinion about things i. World systems analysis A form of sociological analysis that stresses understanding national behavior in terms of historical and contemporary relationships among nations and societies. According to this perspective, individuals perform actions in everyday life as if they were performers on a stage.

Similarly, a person can experience role conflict when one or more roles are contradictory. Any such large organizations may need only islands of cohesive leadership. When it is projected into social interactions, asymmetric social dilemmas are formed Liu and Hao, Political economy model A theory of land use that emphasizes the role of political and economic interests.

Deviance Behaviors or characteristics that violate important social norms.

An analysis of the principles of the social activity and the social interaction in a group of people
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Social Interaction Patterns of the Disabled People in Asymmetric Social Dilemmas