An introduction to the history of napoleon bonaparte in europe

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But inwhen the Revolution was still in full flood, the 23 year-old Bonaparte was still swimming with the tide. The press was subject to rigid censorship. What sort of state was this to be?

Napoleon death

Poverty and inequality increased. The wealthy classes ruled the roost, unopposed and triumphant. The money is essential if Napoleon is to continue to pay his guards, without whom his life is certainly in danger. In , preparations were made for a joint uprising and invasion, but in the end the French let the United Irishmen down, and they were mercilessly crushed. He did not wish to take power for himself, he insisted, but only to defend the revolutionary Order, to consolidate it, to purge it of scoundrels and enemies and lead it to victory. On March 20, he returned to Paris, where he was welcomed by cheering crowds. The stranglehold of the Church on social life was shattered.

His desire for complete blockade led Napoleon to occupy Portugal in and Spain inbut Spanish and Portuguese troops aided by the British fought a determined resistance. During the early part of the campaign Napoleon achieves several partial successes in battles in Saxony, on Prussia's southern borders.

This left Barras and his Republican allies in control again but dependent on Bonaparte, who proceeded to peace negotiations with Austria.

Then Mantua fell. They make the passage unobserved and on February 28 reach the coast of France.

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The rise and fall of Napoleon Bonaparte