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The iPhone came after the launch of iPod which accounted for most of their market share.

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Cooper, R. Beside that, Apple gives their customer many other products such as iTunes, accessories, and service.

Sales rates have shown that prices for iPhones in European countries were too high as compared to other smartphones which are offered at lower prices.

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Under the exceptional leadership of Steve Jobs, Apple has grown to high heights in the electronics industry. Gerken also investigated the phenomenon of Cult Marketing whereas he extended his investigation to the company and customer relationship. Their marketing strategies include: careful price planning, competitive advantage, and brand identity. The researcher has noticed the mistaken impression that followers of a cult have weak personalities and therefore are searching to be a part of such a group in order to strengthen their personality. Ancaster: Product Development Institute. Home entertainment is a significant part for any company to reach out to since many households have a need for comfort in their homes. Their success story started with the launch of the first personal computer which was easy to use and fitted in a tiny case. Apple has also positioned them as a cool device. Get Essay Apple provides the customer a wide range of product that covers many field of technology. The mixture of the elements is unique for every business. Just in case you're looking to buy an essay online on this topic or simply need a jumping off of your own feel free to contact our customer support staff.

The CEO, Steve Jobs, has brought a brand into being that is different and at the same time mainstream. The growth of their revenue has been due to their ability to correctly price their products.

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The company has been able to stay ahead of their competitors due to their carefully executed marketing strategies. Their website has also allowed Apple to develop a strong position in the market. Their major competitor, Microsoft, as well as others, has suffered from the recession and as a result, they have made a part of their workforce redundant, whereas Apple chose to expand and trump their own stock records every month. Major cities have at least three big stores, more important, the customer not only purchase products but only can test them, receive supported imformation, and they may not buy products if they do not want. The devices and products sold by Apple provide a horizontal integration which allows them to be ahead of their competitor. In contrast in the benign cult the powerful person is located at the middle of the circle and is surrounded by his followers. The high price of their products automatically guarantees quality devices. Apple incorporates vertical integration by letting their consumers feel connected with their products. The strategy is often used to target early users of a product or service because they are not as concerned with the price as compared to others. The explanation is extendable to Cult Branding as the process of building up a Cult Brand. Marketing Strategies of Apple Inc.

Apple Computers. SWOT Analysis. The devices and products sold by Apple provide a horizontal integration which allows them to be ahead of their competitor. Its "revolutionary" fea-tures combined everything consumer could possibly wish for: a GSM standard phone, an iPod and an Internet browser.

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The cult of iPod. Generally, Apple is proud that their products is union between technology and liberal arts so they not just sell products, they sell art. Product innovation and technology strategy. Consumer loyalty has resulted in the increase, in sales and protection of the brand like a treasure by fans of the company Schneiders, And if they are a strong enough brand their customers not only use their products, but evangelize them to the world. In this essay, the marketing mix strategy of Apple will be discussed to understand how Apple makes their high value in more details. Apple has ventured to the market of music by producing the iPod and iTunes Music Store. Apple has shown over the years its aggressiveness in the advancement of technology, and through their constant marketing strategies the company has cemented a place for itself in development and growth , in the technology industry for years to come. O'Grady, J.
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Rhetoric of Apple Marketing Essay Example