Baz luhrman romeo and juliet transformation

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When the bathroom scene is revealed the lively music is cut to romantic, slow and love filled music, showing that a love scene is about to take place. Showing his hopes that the marriage of the Romeo and Juliet would end the conflict. Including present day costume, setting and props such as guns instead of swords aswell as contemporary media is put across in many ways and the use of the drug is a modern day occurrence and is now more popular than ever and is by some people regarded as cool. Romeo is dressed as a masked Knight in shining armour to represent his heroism and his romantic, lover not fighter single mentality. It is also featured after the party when they have a passionate interlude in the in the swimming pool and declare their love. Tybalt is first to approach which shows he is the leader and walks over in an aggressive manor telling us that Tybalt knows about them going to his uncles party. His death later effectively puts an end to the priests plan to reunite simply the warring families. The prologue tells the audience that the death of these two lovers has been caused by the feuding between their families, and that this feuding could not be stopped until the death of their children. The screen fades to reflect on the death. Another time this strong symbol is used, is when it is zoomed into a frame during the choir rendition along with silhouettes of two doves flying in a clear sky all symbolising love and their hidden feelings making them stronger for each other, during the scene of the priests soliloquy of his dreams of peace between the Capulets and Montagues. Claire Danes is obviously not thirteen, but it is un-heard of tin modern Day to get married at such a young age so has been chosen because she looks young but not too young. The costumes that Luhrmann used to transform the play created a more exciting film, but still using the original Shakespearean language. Tybalt is portrayed as being pure evil by hi reckless attitude and irate, bitter tone. Luhrmann has shown Tybalt Capulet wearing bulletproof armour under coat with Jesus on it, as if he is protected by God also showing that he is ready for a fight. This is evident through the techniques shown in the speech.

He falls back into a pool of water, which symbolises that his blood de-purifies the symbol of love. Luhrmann modifies these concepts in his rendition to conform to a contemporary audience. The television and the news-reporting narrator with the headline 3rd Civil Brawl, telling us that this sort of thing is not uncommon.

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This gives another contrast of the equal wealth of the Capulets and Montagues, but compares it to the suffering society around them. Many of the characters are introduced during the prologue and are portrayed to be rivals, so backs up the feeling of hatred between the two characters, and creates interest and more understanding. Published 2 Feb Romeo shows his peace-loving character again by begging for their peace but as this is shown to be betrayal to the long lasting feud. This is the modern substitute of the chorus. It is energetic with dancing and glitter is plentiful with Mercutio starting the party with get up and dance rhythm filled contemporary music. Romeo is dressed as a masked Knight in shining armour to represent his heroism and his romantic, lover not fighter single mentality.

Their families have been at odds with each other for decades, each day becoming greater in hatred. Choose Type of service. Each member of the cast wear a crucifix, most, a rosary around their necks but some as a tattoo or hair styled to reveal a cross.

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This is another example in which Baz Luhrmann has made a smooth transition from the Shakespearean form of re-sighting at the front of a stage to a contemporary everyday act as if it was always meant to be so. Shakespeare utilises a variety of literary techniques to shape the ideas of conflict, through major fights which result in significant deaths, minor conflict which reiterates the ever-present feud and the dispute between the two families.

Baz luhrman romeo and juliet transformation
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Romeo + Juliet at Baz Luhrmann's adaptation refuses to age