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Louis Park, Minnesota, where my parents continued to produce offspring. Sadly, I felt like I was reading a foreign language. On the Plot: Thea: Tucker Feye lives a quiet life in Hopewell, Minnesota with his beautiful mother Emily and his deeply religious preacher father, Adrian. This book is a very original and thrilling book that keeps you on your toes. Mostly, this was an clear book that for the boring separate and the fireing which I didnt ready at all. I felt like the character of Tucker is a fantastic protagonist that is both sympathetic, heroic, but not infallible. The reverend returns an hour later looking battered and aged, accompanied by a strange, pale girl named Lahlia, and no longer believing in God. Most intriguing of all for me, is how the religious aspect is played out in the book. I'm just not sure they work well together What was even stranger is that he returned home with a girl Tucker's age, named Lahlia, and a small grey kitten. I would cheer it to anyone who likes weird boring books that pleasant of offer you temporary removal at the end query what respectable happened. Part science fiction, part adventure, part mystery, but every bit engrossing; be sure to start the hold list for the sequel. The book takes us along with Tucker on a search for his parents through time and space. Beware all you Sudoku fans! Pete Hautman kicks off a new science fiction series by eschewing traditional linear storylines and expectation, by provoking questions of religion, history and causality, and does it in a way that is a most excellent throwback to old-school b-movie sci-fi.

His relationship with his father changes and evolves with time as well hee and since they are both time travellers, it is really interesting to see how witnessing the same events and undergoing the same experiences affect them both so differently.

Anyways, there is a lot going on in this premise and I am hoping that it will reveal itself in the next two books, which I need to read ASAP before I forget all of the details.

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Instead, the time traveling aspect is just a set up for introducing new bizarre circumstances. An hour later, a frantic Tucker finds his father walking up the road as though nothing has happened — except his clothes are in tatters save for a pair of strange blue slippershis face has seemed to have aged years, and he has a young teenager girl in tow.

I lived in the Bay Area until I was five, by which time I had three younger siblings. The author does not shy away from delivering punches, from killing people off, from completely exploring the terrible possible consequences of time travel.

In many aspects, the Cydonian Pyramid and the Klaatu resemble the ancient Mayan and their pyramids; both cultures need a living blood sacrifice in order to thrive. That morning, he had been amusing himself by building a simple catapult — a wooden plank balanced across an old cinder block — in the backyard. This is so tedious. Does he think that the whatever lies behind the Diskos could save her? However, after a riveting opening scene the narrative seems to slow to a crawl, but the thorough characterization and careful worldbuilding pay off spectacularly once Tucker discovers that the disks are gateways through time and space. And finally a word on the writing. Is there a subtext I'm not understanding here. When he saw his father vanish, screamed for his mother and told her everything that happened.

Louis Park High School. Let's be honest. It's just all too complex and unrealistic; is there such a thing as unrealistic science fiction?

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From there, we discover that the Reverend has lost his faith and his wife is slowly heading into mental instability as a result of playing Sudoku. Hautman doesn't make things easy for his readers: As Tucker bounces through historical crisis points past and future, short chapters and steadily ratcheting stakes present life-threatening situations and bizarre personages at a dizzying pace most of them already-familiar characters with new names or under different guisesThat this remains intriguing rather than confusing is a credit to the sure-handed plotting and crisp prose, equally adept with flashes of snarky wit and uncomfortable questions of faith, identity, and destiny.

The fire truck leaped from the end of the plank, flew through the air, and landed on the house, tearing loose a shingle as it tumbled down the steep roof. He took the figurine outside and wedged it into the fire truck.

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