Circular flow of income in a three sector economy

Another example is China processing the wool into items such as coats and Australia importing the product by paying the Chinese exporter; since the money paying for the coat leaves the economy it is a leakage.

circular flow of income in four sector economy ppt

In the upper loop of this figure, the resources such as land, capital and entrepreneurial ability flow from households to business firms as indicated by the arrow mark.

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circular flow of income in four sector economy

It may, however, be pointed out that this flow of money income will not always remain the same in volume. When there is a trade surplus in the economy, that is, when exports X exceed imports Mnet capital inflow will take place.

3 sector circular flow model

In the first place, we assume that neither the households save from their incomes, nor the firms save from their profits.

Goods and services produced within the domestic territory which are sold to the foreigners are called exports.

Circular flow of income in three sector economy ppt

This is a basic identity in national income accounts which needs to be carefully understood. Five Sector Circular Flow of Income Model Circular flow diagram - five sectors model Alternative models[ edit ] The progression from the two-sector model to the five sector model as documented above that is, by starting with households and firms, then successively adding the government sector, the foreign sector, and the financial sector is common. Four-sector model[ edit ] The four-sector model adds the foreign sector to the three-sector model. Payments The government sectors make payments to different sectors in the form of transfer payments, subsidies, grants, etc. On the contrary, flow of money expenditure on exports of a domestic economy has been shown to be taking place from foreign countries to the business firms of the domestic economy. The circular flow of income in four sector economy can be explained by the flowing diagram: From the viewpoint of the circular flow of income, each sector has dual roles to play in the economy; while a sector receives certain payments from other sectors, it pays back to those sectors as well. In addition, the model assumes that a through their expenditures, households spend all of their income on goods and services or consumption and b through their expenditures , households purchase all output produced by firms. But in that analysis we referred to planned or intended investment and savings which often differ and affect the flow of national income.

In year of depression, the circular flow of money income will contract, i. Now, look at the gross national product or income in the simple economy from the viewpoint of its allocation between consumption and saving.

Explain the circular flow of economy

For this purpose, then private investment by business firms must be less than the savings of the households. It also receives transfer payments from the government sector. This is how the economy functions. This means that income individuals receive from businesses and the goods and services that are sold to them do not count as injections or leakages, as no new money is being introduced to the flow and no money is being taken out of the flow. Generally, exports and imports are not equal to each other. Capital Market Household, business, and government sectors deposit their excess of income to the capital markets as savings. Circular money flow with saving and investment is illustrated in Fig. It will be seen that government purchases of goods and services from firms and households are shown as flow of money spending on goods and services. If savings exceed investment expenditure, rate of interest falls so that, at a lower rate of interest, investment increases and both become equal.

The firms then spend this all of this income on factors of production such as labor, capital and raw materials, "transferring" all of their income to the factor owners which are households.

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Circular flow of income