Comparison of service quality between private and public hospitals empirical evidences from pakista

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Patient-centered pay for performance: Are we missing the target?. Bahadori et al 1 used GRA model for the evaluation of the parameters influencing the success of quality control circles in a hospital.

Difference between government hospital and private hospital in malaysia

Journal of Healthcare Management, 51 4 , In its simplest form, quality is a comparison between expectations and performance. There are many approaches to do so; however, one of the most popular approaches available in the literature is the Hurwicz criterion 32 , 64 : pp. Tan, Deng, Liu, and Pan 51 used GRA for the determining the relationship between cardiovascular medicine and fatalness in patients with severe coronary heart problem. The public and private hospitals management must take actions to modify their medical system and provide high quality services to patients. Using SPSS software, data was analyzed and find regression, descriptive statistics and reliability analyses. Shehzad, Here, bills paid to health care units would further escalate the agony of service seekers, ie, the patients. Diversity of hospitals found in Pakistan i. So, to improve service quality of hospitals, all the service quality dimensions needed to be improved. Fair evaluation and measurement of a health care facility's situation allows the health care administrators and practitioners to identify the dark areas that need further work to enhance service quality level in the future. Figure 1 Summary of the main theoretical perceptions on perceived service quality 72 - 74 2. In health care context, mechanistic quality implies an objective aspect or feature of the health care service while humanistic quality implies subjective response of patients to the health care service. Calnan, The reliability was convincing, and the formal surveying was initiated in the selected locations.

Every organization tried to gain competitive 13 Nawaz, et. Thus in a poor country like Pakistan where healthcare sector does not receive appropriate funding as compare to other nations in the neighborhood, the effective management of healthcare organizations and their services becomes the need of an hour.

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Same trend was adopted for our study and used 18 items in the questionnaire along with demographic details of respondents. In its simplest form, quality is a comparison between expectations and performance. Patients significantly associate tangibility with their satisfaction. This reliability value encouraged us to move further in our research and derive more results to prove hypothesis. The patient satisfaction weakly but significantly correlated with the reliability, assurance and empathy. In addition to this quantitative study, qualitative studies may also be conducted with interview from the patients and with the help of thematic analysis theory may be generated in this field. So, to improve service quality of hospitals, all the service quality dimensions needed to be improved. A study conducted in Greek on NHS hospitals, stated that perception has a direct relationship with expectation [18]. Table 6 also shows standard deviation that gives the dispersion of data from its mean. The customer relationship management always creates and sustains existing customers which helps them in building long term relationship. The service quality perceptions are highly affected by the interpersonal interactions in the health-care services [12]. Patients significantly associate responsiveness with their satisfaction. The choice of these approaches usually depends on the nature of complexity or uncertainty associated with the problem. Patients are considered as Customers in Healthcare sectors so, they expect high quality services. The aim of this study is to evaluate the provided services and patient satisfaction relating to the services in 14 Nawaz, et.

Calnan, The decision making under uncertainty is relatively much harder than the decision making under certainty 32 ; thus, managers are supposed to make calculated decisions rather than decisions based on their own judgments or feelings. Journal of Healthcare Management, 51 4 Patients significantly associate reliability with their satisfaction.

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A health care system where efficiency and effectiveness are extremely and equally important and even smallest failures cannot be tolerated making optimal decisions with readily available information is extremely important.

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