Compound sentence writing activities

Compound Sentence Dominoes Prepare index cards that have various words as different parts of speech: nouns, verbs, conjunctions, prepositions, and so forth.

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Give them a graphic organizer set up as a chart: the first column is for the first simple sentence independent clause ; the second column is for the conjunction; and the third column is for the second simple sentence.

Related learning resources Exercise Simple, Compound, and Complex Sentences 3 Have your fifth graders challenge themselves with these exercises that ask them to identify independent and dependent clauses while reviewing different sentence structures. Ask students to work together to rewrite the paragraph using compound sentences.

Compound sentence writing activities

Repeat the activity several times, using student responses to gauge understanding. It needs to be combined with a main clause and joined using a subordinating conjunction or a relative pronoun to form a complete sentence. Next, instruct them to create shorter strips with the other piece of construction paper and then write out as many connecting words as they can think of. Students will be able to create compound sentences using a coordinating conjunction. Give the class an overall topic such as "walking the dog" or "your last birthday party," and ask each group to write 10 simple sentences on the topic. Ask them to write each compound sentence on a strip of paper. Using one of the walls in the room or large sheets of butcher paper, have each group hang their sentence strips. Write two simple sentences on the board, like: "Grandma makes the best apple pie.

Model thinking aloud about the connections between the simple sentences and how that determines which coordinating conjunction to choose. Using any game that works on a points system, instruct students to play the game, but instead of receiving points, they receive index cards pulled randomly from the bowl.

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My hands were sweaty. Tell students that these sentence strips are going to determine partnerships for this part of the lesson. Students will be able to use coordinating conjunctions to write compound sentences.

Give each group two large sheets of construction paper in two colours, scissors and a marker.

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