Contaminacion del aire

Navarro, A. Ringenburg, y C. Dockery, J.

contaminacion del aire wikipedia

Farmer, S. McDonnell, y P. Wijetilleke, P.

Contaminacion del aire wikipedia

Leikauf, E. Goal 7 targets access to clean and affordable energy—which is key to pulling people out of poverty and enabling sustainable economic development. Adverse effects in the health of children and an increase of the cancer rate have been discussed. Eskeland, S. Weaver, y T. At their heart lies the health and well-being of people and our planet, which means air pollution—the deaths and disabilities it causes and its close links to climate change—is a huge threat to delivering on the vision of a better world. En , el promedio de todos los contaminantes emitidos era alrededor de 7. Many of the air pollutants that affect our health also warm the atmosphere. Vincent, T. Haahtela, "The South Karelia air pollution study: Effects of low level exposure to malodorous sulfur compounds on symptoms", Archives of Environmental Health, vol. Carleton, y L.

Dmn, y J. Gayrard, C. Tovar, D. Vincent, T. Cracknell, P.

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MacNee, K. Robles, yO.

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Alper, E. Horstman, W. Hall, y R. Actions to improve air quality—such as switching to cleaner energy, cooking and transport solutions—will also address the climate emergency. House, W. Paul, Minnesota", Archives of Environmental Health , vol. Brook, "Associations between ambient particulate sulfate and admissions to Ontario hospitals for cardiac and respiratory diseases", American Journal of Epidemiology, vol. MacNee, K. Schwartz, D.
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Contaminación atmosférica