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Hutchins said. The Britannica also publishes an annual yearbook.

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The 'period of the encyclopedists' spanned from the tenth to seventeenth centuries, during which the government of China employed hundreds of scholars to assemble massive encyclopedias.

The work was published around AD 77—79, although Pliny probably never finished editing the work before his death in the eruption of Vesuvius in AD Since then, volumes have been revised, but without any numerical identification as to edition.

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An example is Banglapedia on matters relevant for Bangladesh. The text was arranged alphabetically with some slight deviations from common vowel order and place in the Greek alphabet. Other internet encyclopedias accepted writing from non-paying users users who did not sign in of the encyclopedia.

In a sketch, however rapid, of the essay in the nineteenth century, prominence must be given to the name of Macaulay.

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Burning books is a wickedly complicated task