Essay on ethnic problems in pakistan

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It is also spoken in Afghanistan. Malik, Iftikhar H. They may be brought back to the track by providing the skilled education and granting small loans for their self- employment. Our avowed stand on Kashmir and Afghanistan provided all the more reason to take into account counter strategies by outside forces. Ethnicity is also commonly tied to territory. Pakistani official nationalism, far from being constant and uniform, changed over time and is perhaps better understood as a result of competing discourses in between and within institutions. It is one of the dialects of Punjabi. It is a trend finding its full bloom and expression in both the advance and the developing countries. Political parties are the personal fiefdom of political leaders, scions o f inter-related families of landlords, pirs, nawabs, industrialists, business tycoons and generals. The centralization of power has encouraged internal dissension and disharmony. It has been in a negation of all the ingredients of a true democracy. In essence, it was an experience of a deep Muslim consciousness which both inspiring and invigorating.

It is another aspect that needs to be taken into account while analyzing the causes of ethnic conflict. It increases their isolation from the state structure and creates ethnic conflicts.

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Behavioral ethnicity includes the learning of values, belief, behavioral norms, languages or distinctive dialect, by the member of ethnic category during the process of socialization. There istherefore, a need to completely isolate the criminals from their ethnic moorings.

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The power sharing problem has played a vital role in the political scene of the country. Ethnicity is also commonly tied to territory.

Holy Quran was first translated in Sindhi language, which explains a strong religious factor.

Essay on ethnic problems in pakistan

The people belonging to the land are referred to as Baluchis. English has taken place of Urdu in govt. The issue of Kalabagh Dam has arisen out of the same ethnic issue and provincial disharmony of Pakistan in the province. In this situation, underprivileged ethnic groups may develop a perception of relative deprivation. It is also spoken in Afghanistan. So conceived in this way that the processes of migration, political structure and highly centralized state power are various modes responsible for introducing diversity and ethnicity in an otherwise homogeneous society. At the top of the list the ethnic conflicts in Karachi, Baluchistan. The moment Pakistan was established Muslim nationalism in India had fulfilled itself and outlived its purpose. If a group of people or some minority in a state is deprived of its due share and suppressed economically then this difference leads towards ethnic tension. These include, Chitrali, Kohistani, and Hindko. In this situation, ethnic groups complain of or make demands for a change in the distributive system.

The one factor that unites Pakistan is the Urdu language.

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Ethnic Crisis in Pakistan