Essays on polygamous marriages

Thereby, this will enhance the ability and the freedom of individuals in the community to choose their own ways of family life. If, then, there be any force in this argument, it grows out of the truth of the general principle, that whatever actions are recorded in the Scriptures, without any direct censure at the time, are lawful.

And while it is true that the American divorce rate is high the rate has actually been declining; to a fault. John C.

Essays on polygamous marriages

Though this effects impact upon all members of a polygamous family, women are at higher risk Jencks and Milton, Nowhere in the Bible are men commanded by God to take plural wives, with the one possible exception of Hosea, which was not anything like what Joseph implemented. Nay, were a prophet honestly to detail the occurrences of the last thirty winters at our own capital, i.

The following secondary sources will present a more in-depth understanding of the issues in this case.

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Well-read Christian-African elites in sub Saharan Africa believe polygamy is backward, bush and barbaric behavior Jencks and Milton, All forms of it presuppose that polygamous marriages are heterosexual marriages.

Those, who contend that Polygamy was lawful to the Israelites, are then fairly called upon to point out the statute in the Levitical Code, which repealed that part of the Original Law of Marriage that forbad Polygamy.

In reply to this call, three passages, beside Lev.

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LDS Gospel Topics Essay: Polygamy and Polyandry in Kirtland and Nauvo