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Want to know how to write compelling testimonials instead? Keep in mind that testimonials should be written in the voice of your customer and conversational in tone. Shopify feature high-resolution hero images to accompany their testimonials. And there are other options. Here are three writing tips for great testimonials. So now we know how to spot them in the wild and how to ask for them. What are your thoughts? Make your customers look good not just your own business and your product Ask your customers to share concrete numbers that demonstrate the ways you helped their business Give visitors to your page the ability to filter testimonials or case studies by industry, company size, and location so they can find the stories that are most relevant to them Try out different formats — tweets and other social media posts can be testimonials! Put the best stuff anywhere where people will see it. We recommend words total. Surprisingly, this typically means adding testimonials to your about page.

Here are the writing tips. Naturally they receive praise from the students that have completed the program.

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In one studyhotel guests were found to be more likely to reuse their towels when told the majority of the prior occupants of their particular room had participated, than those who had learned the norms for the hotel in general.

Not at all. But more business owners are opting for more professional videos to market their products moving forward.

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How could they refuse! The workshop Henneke organized was fab.

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So here are three guidelines on where to put your sparkling new bits of social proof: 1. Then, showcase the reviews on your site. Here are three writing tips for great testimonials. Would it be worth the money? High fives! A good testimonial is direct Put the most impactful statement at the beginning. Rather than focusing on the benefit to the viewer, Ramit differentiates himself by focusing on the transformation of previous customers. Writing compelling copy , shooting enticing photos, or even producing glamorous videos are all tactics we use to draw attention to our brands.

The more information in a testimonial, the more credible it is. And it might not be for you or your business.

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The writing is key.

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How to Write a Testimonial: 11 Steps (with Pictures)