Land registration act 2002 essay help

Ina new piece of legislation emphasizing on electronic conveyance was created, which is the Land Registration Act The new system was designed to eliminate this crack in the mirror and simpfy the process of land transfers.

changes made by the land registration act 2002

However, registered land was still not open to the public. The key change only relates to registered land and not unregistered land which remains unchanged and the requirement of 12 years occupation is still required to obtain title.

Land registration act 2002 essay help

The key change only relates to registered land and not unregistered land which remains unchanged and the requirement of 12 years occupation is still required to obtain title. Words: , Paragraphs: 22, Pages: 9 Publication date: November 17, Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! The LRA has also made it compulsory to register an estate in land when one of four events occurs, such as the transfer of a freehold estate. For instance, actual occupation by a licensee and who is not a representative occupier does not give personal rights to the licensor. Pye Oxford Ltd v. It has been a good 7 years since the act was created but yet, no signs of it taking place. However, registered land was still not open to the public. Significant changes on overriding interests regime as well as the law on adverse possession was premised upon the LRA structure.

After that I tried to cover the new legislation LRA and identified the improvements and changes it made and that is how I came to the conclusion. Some examples are easements, restrictive covenants or burden of leases. Clearly, it can be seen that the government would like to see as little unregistered land as possible, and to see a system in place where it will be the fact of registration and registration alone that confers title.

Difference between land registration act 1925 and 2002

Hence, if a trustee has a limitation placed upon his powers, this must be recorded and shown on the register. The most obvious and structural classification to land in United Kingdom are between estates whom titles have been recorded centrally at a registry and estates which have not. Another change is regarding harges. This is an issue that needs to get out to people more than it is right now or it might be trouble in the future. It should be noted here that if a person wants to create or transfer a legal estate or interest in land then they must use a deed, which is a document that has a legal bearing. For instance, this only relates if occupy registered land without the permission from the owner for 10 years then you can apply to be registered as the legal owner of that land. This development to curtail the number of adverse possession claims was also assisted in October when the Human Rights Act became law in this country, and under Article 1, a person now has a human right to peaceful enjoyment of their possessions and it guards against deprivation of possessions. Conclusion LRA did make some key changes to land registration in England and Wales which was long overdue and it has achieved the objective of simplifying and modernising the registration of land. The most important part of the Act was the introduction of a formal land registry, in which registration constituted actual notice of the interest. The Act has brought with it welcome changes, and brought land registration in to the modern age, although it has not represented a revolution in the sphere of property law.

The LTA made registration of title compulsory on dealings with land in the county of London, prior to this the number of titles registered was very small To assist in providing the explanation, this essay will use academic textbooks, academic journal articles, lecture notes and stated cases from land disputes, as well as internet sources such as the websites of the Land Registry and the Law Commission.

Next we have to consider whether when Alexander confronted Darryl on trespassing and Darryl showed the agreement from that allowed him to pay rent to lease the land; this means we are asking the question as to whether this is allowed.

Furthermore, some of the key changes of the LRA have seen the differences between the registered land and unregistered land is even more transparent.

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The alienability of land was enhanced to facilitate transaction and commercial activities. Initial effort enshrined under Land Registry Act and refined subsequently via Land Registration Actfor lack of compulsory registration.

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