Lone survivor book report

A dying Dietz remains at the top of the cliff, in the custody of Shah and the Taliban insurgents who surround him.

Lone survivor book report

Lone Survivor is an enjoyable book, typical in many of its facets, but atypical in its deeper message. The book was released to great acclaim and has become a fixture on the bestseller lists.

Was I afraid of their possible buddies in the Taliban?

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But when the four soldiers put it to a vote, it was determined that they should let these people go. See also. Luttrell officially graduates from SEAL training in early In the end, the SEALs vote to let the goatherds go free. Meanwhile, responding to a distress signal put out by Mikey shortly before his death, the military sends a helicopter full of SEALs to assist in the rescue. But again in my mind I heard that terrible, terrible scream, the same one that awakens me, bullying its way into my solitary dreams, night after night, the confirmation of guilt. I knew they were tough but I really had no idea of why they were treated with such god-like reverence. And he does laud their bravery and determination in the face of horrific injuries.

I'm not saying that it is a small thing to get through that. When Luttrell is discovered by the Taliban, one of the insurgents fires a rocket-propelled grenade, and its impact causes him to land at the bottom of a rock crevice where he is able to hide from the Taliban fighters.

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Note: other Goodreads users have notified me that Marcus is contributing the profits from the sale of this book to a trust benefitting troops and their families. This is a man you can follow and be proud of.

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