Marketing strategy of innocent drinks essay

It is now the largest smoothie brand in UK and the fourth largest overall. So can I recycle your plastic bottles and tetra pak cartons? There are some strategies which can be adopted by innocent smoothies as market leaders.

The innocent also arranged a free event for its customers as a means of giving thanks to its customers for using their products.

Innocent smoothies pricing strategy

Are your drinks GM-free? Our ultimate aim is that we are proud of every piece of fruit that we use. Please please please keep our drinks cold. Website is always an effective method to communicate, promote and making relationship with the consumers. Thickies — no they contain dairy produce and honey. How to cite this page Choose cite format:. Click here to find out more about fermentation. Firstly, and most importantly, their unique selling point which is using just fresh fruit in their drinks. Innocent is currently seen as a premium brand, by lowering price consumers may not think of it as a premium brand any longer, or Innocent may only be able to sell at the reduced price. In this situation, the customer is more focused on the product features and on the momentary convenience. Innocent drinks. Besides various television adverts and other advertising Innocent Drinks regularly publish press releases on their website in order to explain their products and strategies Unattributed, a. Innocent would also have to consider the impact that alcohol free cocktails could potentially do to the Innocent brand.

Moreover, to make people aware about their products, the company once made a very big compaign on the television and it regularly arranges festivals as well. We feel that it is really important to understand the issues relevant to each country, and the pressures faced by our farmers, so we are meeting with more and more of our growers.

innocent smoothies marketing strategy

Once opened, we reckon our drinks are best drunk on the same day, although as previously mentioned you should refrigerate them between sips. Therefore this strategy will drive sales through restaurant chains, but more importantly promote through restaurant chains, and driving sales within out outlets e.

Innocent drinks industry

This range will use ingredients and packaging that the older generation can associate with. Innocent changed the label quite frequently to maintain the attention of its consumers Innocent made the customers loyal by doing little things but they made huge difference for them. It not only looks at farm workers rights and wellbeing, but also protects ecosystems on the farms, which encourages bio diversity. Price: There are number of factors that can have an impact on the price. Innocent should also make good use of collaboration with the Coke as it can provide the company with lot of distribution channels. The three friends always had an idea about starting a company of their own and in they founded the innocent drinks after an intense market research and testing their product. However positioning of this product maybe difficult, is it a cocktail replacement, or is it a smoothie? The Rainforest Alliance works to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods by transforming land-use practices, business practices and consumer behaviour. The innocent also arranged a free event for its customers as a means of giving thanks to its customers for using their products. You can find out a bit more about the good work they do here. We name our smoothies according to whichever flavours you can taste the most. Innocent smoothie is considered a premium brand by its consumers as they relate high cost and high quality with the product as compared to its competitors. Innocent was of the view that making their drinks easily accessible to customers is very crucial and success of the company depends on it. The company has also described the negative consequences of concentration and that a product loses its quality, taste and nutritional value and it is done just to reduce cost and making more money. Sector growth for Innocent is very strong in spite of the prevailing market conditions.

The owners were in favor of print to advertise their product so they had it on the bus sides which will move everywhere in the UK. Innocent can reduce the prices in the market in which the rivals have greatest share.

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