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The larger the teams, the more complicated scheduling can be. Overcoming student resistance to group work: Online versus face-to-face. It is the one stop junction for all the information and effort related to a project — project status, document libraries, collaboration, calendars, address books, wikis, forums, project surveys and much more!

With Harvest you can create professional invoices, email them to clients, and follow up automatically. Darrell SchneiderPresident, AM Professionals Features Task Dependencies Where tasks in a project are dependent on other tasks, create elaborate relationships between tasks to reflect real life projects.

While this may seem intuitive for instructors, some students may not know how to best leverage the space or use the individual features.

There will be times when, because of the overall number of students in the class, one group may need to consist of more than three students, but in general, a team of three is more manageable and conducive to best practices in online teamwork. It is important to assign both individual and team grades for the team assignments.

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All learning management systems LMS have tools and applications that serve teamwork well. Develop a peer feedback system. Time tracking helps you figure out how much your time is really worth.

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