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Her observations have resulted in a wonderful series of comic strips published under the name Persepolis, the first two volumes of which have sold more than 20, copies in their French version. During the war, food and rations are low in the country and tensions run high amongst the people. Her parents are not shocked when her teacher tells them, but when they ask Marji herself, she says she wants to be a doctor. Marji's family no longer runs to the basement since it will not make a difference, as it offers no protection from that kind of firepower. Readers witness contraband pop music and family celebrations, school pranks and moments of absurd irony. He is disheartened to find out all their wine has already been flushed away. Throughout her journey, she grows and matures while maintaining her rebellious nature. What I didn't know was the hows and whys.

The author writes that the purpose of her book is to show that Iran is not a country of fundamentalists and terrorists, and that characterizations of the country by the West are inaccurate. Her French non-religious school is abolished and boys and girls are separated for education.

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She now lives in France. Eby rushes to Khosro, who was imprisoned with Anoosh during the Shah's rule, and orders a counterfeit passport.

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This provides a distinct view of a culture in turmoil that never becomes overwhelmingly complex. Since it was a Saturday—the Jewish Sabbath —Marji's mother mentions that they were supposed to be home, but says that they were probably out and tries to hurry her daughter away.

The former revolutionaries soon become the enemies of the republic.

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This is not a story of who was right, and who gained the most, or who suffered tragically. The author begs her parents to let her attend the demonstration, but they refuse because she is too young. Young male children are each given keys by their schools. The nation's universities are swiftly shut down because they do not adhere to Islam. They later discover that the fighter pilots imprisoned by the government for a failed coup demanded the anthem be broadcast before they would agree to fight for their country. Because Iranian politics is still often controversial and the government continues to operate as an Islamic Republic, some take issue with how Satrapi portrays her country as being commanded by a small group of religious zealots. A new constitution was written that made Khomeini the Supreme Leader of Iran, a position that allowed him to mold the nation politically. Set in , the novel focuses on her experiences of growing up during the Islamic Revolution in Iran. Open to all of the perspectives she hears, Marji points out the contradictions of wartime morality without the accompanying rationalizations adults give. She also visits the Caspian Sea , the grave of her grandfather, and the prison building where her uncle Anoosh is buried. As a child, young Marji learns the history of Iran from family members who participated in important national turning points, enabling her to understand them in an intimate way. She tells them she loves the king because he was chosen by God, but her father, Eby, gives her a quick history lesson about how the father of the current Shah, named Reza, organized a coup to overthrow the emperor and set up a republic. Marjane 's father explains the history of the Revolution to her: Reza Shah had been a foot soldier fighting against the King of Persia in order to install a republic. Women are then required to cover their heads in public and Marjane has to lie about how much she prays every day.

She is confused, because the same teacher praised the Shah before the revolution. My son and I read this one right around the same time, and he thought it was an incredibly enlightening story, as well.

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One day while Marji is out shopping with her friend Shadi, she hears news of a missile hitting her neighborhood. They rush home to check on her mother. Such is a tale of life. Meaning, the motivation behind her writing involves describing her life from the viewpoint of someone viewing political and social chaos. Marji asks her mother why they should not forgive the torturers as well. Donning her veil once more to go out, she takes in the foot murals of martyrs, rebel slogans, and the streets renamed after the dead. Such action resulted in the CPS' reinstitution of the book in their school libraries and classrooms. After hearing what her parents had gone through while she was away in Vienna, she resolves never to tell them of her time there.
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Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood by Marjane Satrapi