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Link to English version of KONTAKT The intervention is based on CBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapyobservational- and model learning and other principles to facilitate development of communication skills, social cognition, affect awareness and social ability from individual as well as general goals.

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Parents can apply online 24 hours a day, seven days a week from November until midnight on 15th January or by completing a paper form which can be downloaded from the same site or requested from the county council's Co-ordinated Admissions on In certain circumstances your child may get help with the cost of transport to school.

It is important for parents to read this information before applying for a school place. As Autism encompasses a spectrum of symptoms that vary in severity between individuals, the software can be customized to meet specific requirements, assisting users to recognize and develop their own facial expressions, tone-of-voice and gestures.

More detailed information about schools and admission is available in the booklets below: Guide for Parents - Secondary pdf 4. Making an application Did you know that you must apply to the county council for a primary school place, even if you have put your name down at a school or your child has an older sibling at that school?

Parents are encouraged to list five preferred schools on their form as school places cannot be guaranteed - failing to include second, third, fourth and fifth preferences could lead to children being allocated school places parents would not have listed.

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School places and admissions