Unit 9 p4 criteria

P5 use appropriate resources to select, cost and provide information on tailor-made holidays that meet specific customer needs. When the packets have been sent to a router, the packets are sent as electrical signals which is then sent to your internet server provider.

However, the router falls into layer 3 from the OSI model as the layer 3 is responsible for forwarding packets from one network to another through the use of nodes.

Learners must also identify passport, visa and vaccination requirements applicable to the holiday destination chosen. A network switch is a device used to filter and forward data packets which links network devices.

Router is a complex device that forwards data packets along networks through several paths. The first customer brief must be for a short-haul destination and, to ensure coverage of the content, must include a minimum of three different components from three different organisations, eg transport, accommodation and an excursion.

However, WAP have security and encryption which prevents unauthorised connection.

explain the function of interconnection devices p4

Learners must submit a full written day-by-day breakdown of the selected holiday, which includes all the information the customers would need and the calculated total price.

This must be supported by evidence in the form of brochure pages, screen shots or printouts to confirm costs of the individual components and all the arrangements.

A network switch operates from the OSI reference model at the data layer 2 link and usually network layer 3.

unit 9 computer networks assignment 1

However, they include different networks such as Router; Switch; Wireless access points. However, a network switch is similar to a hub.

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Unit 9 Values and Planning